Things of Interest

Two nerds; great chats

Society, tech, culture

Things of Interest is a podcast that encompasses, in its purest form, things that we find interesting. Our discussions often center around technological advancements and how they affect social issues. As two socially-conscious millennial nerds, who better placed to talk about artificial intelligence, leadership, bitcoin, modern dating, gene editing, and fandom? Probably no-one.

We’re both from New Zealand so have beautiful accents that you can put in your ears. Episodes are roughly an hour long, and come out when they come out.

Things of Interest is a non-commercial podcast. We run no ads, make no money and are beholden to nobody. 🤘

through a feminist lens

Things of Interest is hosted by Sophia Frentz and Serena Chen, two nerds who met at Otago University.

Sophia lives in Melbourne, Australia, where they completed a PhD in clinical genetics, and is now working as a Senior Data Consultant at Eliiza. They’re a published poet and writer and chronically ill, queer, and addicted to coffee. You can find them on Twitter at @SophiaFrentz.

Serena lives in Munich, Germany, where she designs for Google Chrome. She has two degrees in physics, dabbles in everything from hacking to film, and studied at Berkeley once. She made this website. You can find her on Twitter at @Sereeena.

come @ me bro

We’d love to hear from you. Send in your questions, episode suggestions, and general thoughts to @castinginterest. We also have a facebook page, which you should totally follow for related links (usually in the form of comics, let’s be honest).

Even better: record a voice memo of your question / thought / suggestion / observation / etc and email it through to us at We might even feature it on our show. Winky face.

Found a bug on this website? Tell Serena to fix it by logging an issue on the Git repo, and she will promise to only procrastinate for a few days at most.