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Artificial Intelligence & Gender

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27 June 2016

For our first ever episode, we explore why some forms of AI are gendered, while some others are not. Is there a pattern here? How do we portray AI in science fiction? How does that relate to how they are seen and made in real life?

As two self-identified nerds, we had a great time talking about the development of technology and artificial intelligence. And since you’re probably a fellow nerd, we guessed you’d be pining for links to expand your mental horizons; hence we’ve listed all the relevant articles and media that we’ve read/watched/mentioned.

We ought to note that we don’t necessarily agree with everything the articles say, and both of us didn’t necessarily read all of them, but they all made it into our brain-pan somehow. Alright, here we go !

Articles we (may have) read before this episode:

Media that was discussed in this episode:

Things we have discovered since the episode and enjoyed: