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5 July 2016

What unique challenges do women leaders face, and how can we overcome these? Is it better to simply emulate masculine traits, or subvert society’s expectations? We discuss our own journeys towards learning how to be better leaders. Content warning for this episode - there is some mention of sexual assault.

Here is the list of articles we (claim to have) read and media we discussed during this episode. You never know how terrible you sound saying #topical until you hear yourself recorded saying #topical.

All articles were last accessed on 29/5/16 unless otherwise stated. If you have been upset by anything in this episode, get in touch with family or friends, or your local hotline.

Articles we (may have) read before this episode:

Note that our comment about height of presidential candidates appears to be inaccurate - there is no statistically significant link between being the taller candidate and winning the actual election. Taller presidents were more likely to win re-election, and presidential candidates overall were taller than their birth cohort.

This one was chosen over other… ah… less kind articles. You can search for those yourself, if you’re curious.

We did not read these articles before the episode was recorded but we’ve read them since and we like them:

Things (possibly of interest) we recommend:

The “Ban Bossy” campaign isn’t something we know a lot about and so we can’t say whether we wholeheartedly support it. But we like this video.