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How to talk about Sexism

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1 August 2016

You want to call out a bad joke, but you don’t want to be that person. How do we talk about social topics without putting people on the defensive?

Episode five: when we describe why we don’t have friends. Joking! We have heaps of friends, and we also know how to call said friends out when they’re being a bit terrible. Learn from our wisdom - and contribute some of yours if you want! We’re on twitter @castinginterest, remember.

The show notes for this episode are shorter because our conversations were based more in our own experiences. It should be noted that both of us were predominantly raised and live in a Western liberal democracy (that isn’t the US), so our experiences are through that lens.

Articles we (may have) read before the episode

Speak up about subtle sexism in science - Tricia Serio (26/4/2016), Nature

ASX 500 companies that employ more women make more profit, study shows” - Nassem Khadem (8/3/2016), Sydney Morning Herald

Business Gender Diversity Solved: More Women Means More Profits” - Tim Worstall (26/2/2016),

Why I quit playing cards against humanity - Jaya Saxena (18/12/2014), The Daily Dot

People we like whose writing you should read

Clementine Ford

Roxane Gay

Nakkiah Lui

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Other things we referenced/are important

NAIDOC Week - National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week

Louis CK Time Travel

Aamer Rahman Reverse Racism

Prison episode from White Man Behind a Desk

Men in Iran are wearing hijabs in protest of the country’s strict dress code for women” - video from NowThis News, 30/7/2016

My Stealthy Freedom